Engagement 360 Degrees: A complete technology for connecting Engagement programs with business results. The Engagement Portal: A research-based platform that addresses all of the key elements of Engagement and measurement. Complete Support for Expert Resellers: A cutting-edge toolkit of expertise, resources and support to help organizations achieve their critical goals through Engagement. The Universal Rewards Exchange: Direct catalog connections to millions of awards via dozens of top vendors from which you can build the most targeted programs.

URE provides a fully integrated platform, including assessment, communications, learning, rewards & recognition, measurement and more to help organizations achieve key objectives.

Engagement Portals

A fully integrated platform to:

• Increase customer and sales engagement

• Foster dealer commitment

• Improve productivity, quality, wellness

• Manage multiple programs on a single platform

• Obtain valuable reports across the organization

• Get started quickly

Engagement portals integrate:

• Goal-setting, assessment, communications, learning, collaboration and innovation, rewards and recognition, ROI measurement and more.

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Millions of Rewards

Maximize Engagement Through the Reward Experience:

• All of the top brands and wholesalers

• Live feeds to in-stock inventory

• Hundreds of retail gift cards

• Travel and events

• Digital rewards

• Books and DVDs

• Direct-from-wholesale pricing

• Fast delivery

• Personalized packaging

• Regular new product updates

• International fulfillment options

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Exchange Technology

One connection to the suppliers of your choice:

• Select the vendors of your choice or use them all

• Direct-from-vendor or consolidated billing

• Real-time inventory and pricing

• Set margins by client, program, product, etc.

• Automatic low-price finder

• Dynamic points and redemption reporting

• Easily track fulfillment performance

• Select the customer service option right for your clients

• Secure, encrypted connections

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